Friday, May 17, 2002

Delayed Reaction

On Sabbath when I finished church at the Academy near Lawang, I decided to ride home on an Ojek. That is as a paying passenger on the back of a motorcycle. It was about 14 miles. It was a fun ride. I had always wondered about the useless helmets the people wear when they ride on motorcycles. Now I wore one made even more useless by its small size. It sat right on the very top of my head, kind of like the hats worn by snowmen. More the letter of the law than the spirit.

We were like a weavers shuttle back and forth through the traffic. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Two days later I was began to be afraid and nervous. This time I wasn't on a motorcycle, but in a vehicle with a driver heading off for 12-hours of driving to Bali. It was when I saw how this driver was apparently trying to run over motorcycles, that I got afraid for my life retroactive. Ignorance is bliss.


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