Sunday, November 24, 2002

Ben's Recovery

It is time to write.

On Monday, I went with Larry Blackwell, a vocalist from Tennessee who had
come out for meetings in Hong Kong, to Hangzhou to see how Ben was doing. I
had been there the week before and left not a little concerned. When I left,
Ben was sitting up in the living room of his apartment answering the
questions of police who were there to question him in regards to the
accident. "Why wasn't your sister with you when you were hit?" they asked.
He was so weak and sick, that I wondered if his leaving the hospital had been
a mistake.

Now on Monday Larry and I arrived in the evening. Ben was not at the
apartment, so I went to ask Bess, who was teaching her evening class, where
Ben would be found. She pointed to the next classroom (Their classes are
held on the 4th or 5th floor (hard to tell which because one of the floors on
the way up isn't numbered or included in the total number of floors. There
is 3rd floor, then another floor without a number and then 4th.). Ben was
there teaching.

He seems to be almost completely recovered. He just hasn't recovered his
bike yet, and I don't know that I even want him to. He still has some
headaches, and no sense of smell. I am sure that with time, these problems
will be taken care of.

Thank-you each for your prayers, many letters and kindness.


Doug & Jeri

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